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A pergola is a type of cover that is perfect for covering a garden or terrace. Thanks to it, the home relaxation zone becomes not only more cozy, but also increases its comfort – the pergola protects the space against burdensome sun rays, wind with the use of Hema screen zip side covers, and rain as well. The Hema Meo Pergola is in line with the current architectural trends. The modern and universal design makes the cover a perfect match for the facades of buildings in various styles. It is made of high-quality materials resistant to weather conditions. Thanks to this, it not only allows you to use the outdoor space for a longer time during the year, e.g. in autumn or winter, but also does not deteriorate because of weather conditions. Pergola improves the quality of outdoor activities and makes garden and terrace more attractive.

Types of Hema Meo Pergola

Hema Meo IV Pergola

It is a free-standing pergola that consists of a canopy and four legs. Its character makes it possible to cover any space of the garden or terrace. The structure, properly anchored in the ground, guarantees stability and comfortable functioning regardless of weather conditions. The pergola canopy can be controlled manually with a crank or electrically using a remote control or even a smartphone.

Hema MEO IIP Pergola

It is a wall pergola supported on two legs, and additionally anchored to the wall of the building facade. The cover is intended for roofing home terraces or restaurant gardens. It also works well as a home car port. Its canopy installed above the terrace, not only protects those who spend time outdoors from excessive sunlight, but also the interior of the house from overheating the rooms. The canopy can be controlled manually with a crank or electrically using a remote control or even a smartphone.

Hema MEO IVP Pergola

It is a wall pergola supported on four legs. This solution is ideal for installation on terraces without the possibility of anchoring to the facade, which ensures optimal stability of the cover and tight adherence to the building wall at the same time. The cover will help to arrange the outer space for a comfortable rest. The pergola canopy can be controlled manually with a crank or electrically using a remote control or even a smartphone.

Possibility of retrofitting the Hema MEO pergola

To increase the comfort of your rest, it is worth adjusting the pergola to your individual needs. It is possible to equip the cover with additional elements:


The side cover of the pergola which provides a sense of privacy and protects against excessive heating, sunlight and even wind. Hema Zip screens, when covered tightly, also act as a mosquito net, protecting users from insects.

LED lighting

Additionally, the pergola can be equipped with LED lighting, located on the edges of the structural roof rafters. This solution emphasizes its modern design and gives the solution a unique character. The pergola lighting can be controlled by a remote control or even a smartphone.


The sheathing of the Hema Meo pergola is made of the highest quality fabrics that are perfect for various weather conditions. The fabrics protect against UV radiation as well as rain and snowfall. The cover is also distinguished by exceptional stretching and tearing strength.

  • 100% PES
  • Waterproof
  • Protection against UV radiation
  • Resistance to various weather conditions
  • Strength and shape stability


The pergola structure is made of aluminum. This material is distinguished by durability and lightness. It is resistant to weather conditions such as rain, snow, sun and temperature changes. Thanks to this, the pergola will be in very good condition for many years. Aluminum, thanks to its modern appearance, fits perfectly into contemporary architecture.

The colors are available in the following options: mat, semi-gloss, fine mat structure.
Non-standard colors are available with an extra charge.